Florianópolis to Punta del Diablo

Company: EGA
Type: Leito
Price: R$ 328 each
Duration: 15 hrs

Details: After a rather big night out in Florianópolis we we’re a little hung over on the day of travel, so very much grateful to try our first full Leito sleeper bus. The lower deck 12-seater cabin had amazing fully reclining seats, hot food served at intervals, regular drinks top-ups and english-speaking movies played on screens. It pretty much felt like business class seats on a plane! After we set off at 2pm, we got speaking to a local lady about where we were heading. Our tickets only took us as far as Chuy, the boarder town between Brazil and Uruguay, and a good hours drive away from our destination. Normally you can’t get a bus directly from Florianópolis to Punta del Diablo, but after speaking with the lady and discussing with the bus hostess (with some diagrams and shaky translation) it seems they had arranged an unofficial drop-off point that they we’re willing to make for us just outside Punta del Diablo. This happened to be at 4.30am, and the drop-off was literally on the side of the road, about an hours walk from the town. So in the early hours of the morning the bus doors opened, we were handed our stamped passports, and we made our way on foot down the 5km dimly lit road towards Punta del Diablo. Joined by a friendly pack of dogs, we passed through the picturesque town dotted with small quirky houses. We watched the sun come up on the empty beach for a few hours in the early morning light and napped on the rocks as we waited to check in to our hostel. We couldn’t have asked for a more magical arrival into a country!

Side note: Getting bus tickets from Florianópolis to Uruguay was a little harder than we thought as buses only ran 3 times a week, meaning we had to stay a few more nights. Previously we’d try to buy tickets online and had a bit of a nightmare, so we decided to go to the station to book them in person (which took 2-3 hour out of our day). Not ideal but after speaking to locals this seemed to be the only way. The only tickets left we’re premium Leito seats, which we were happy to try!