Montevideo to Colonia

Company: COT
Type: Economy
Price: U$ 342
Duration: 2.5 hrs

Description: As we didn’t want to spend too much time in Montevideo (we’d heard from others that theres not a huge amount to see) we decided to stay just one evening in the city. After a quick breakfast we got on the 9.30am bus from the Tres Cruces bus terminal, about 20 minutes walk from our hostel. In hindsight we should have probably given ourselves more time to explore the city, but we were keen to get to Colonia, our next destination. The journey to Colonia took around 2.5 hours, and we spent the time reading and listening to podcasts, again taking advantage of the coach wifi. On arrival we found the bus station in Colonia located right next to the old town where we were staying, making the overall bus journey very easy and pleasant.