São Paulo to Florianópolis

Company: Caterinese
Type: Semi-leito
Price: $R161 each
Duration: 12 hrs

Details: We we’re due to get our 12 hour bus from São Paulo at 11.30pm, so we had some time to visit a restaurant before our long journey. Once again we we’re met with rain - but not just any rain - buckets of water fell from the sky, leaving us totally soaked despite getting taxis door to door. Fortunately our hostel let us shower and change before we left to the station saving us from a very long and damp bus ride. After that the evening went to plan and our comfy semi-leito seats allowed us a few disjointed hours of sleep. However, after passing our half way point of Curibita at around 6am, the bus driver decided it was time for everyone to wake up - not with a gentle fade of lights - but to full volume Brazilian power ballads! After bewildered looks and an angry call down to the driver by a passenger 4 songs later he finally turned it off. The remaining journey went very smoothly, and with the exception of Stef mistaking the toilet flush button with the emergency stop button (a not-so-happy the driver) we settled back to a few hours sleep. After an eventful 12 hours with monsoons, Brazilian power ballads and technical mishaps we finally arrived in Florianópolis, a little sleepy but ready for some sunshine.