Punta del Diablo to Cabo Polonio

Company: COT & Rutas del Sol
Type: Economy
Price: $U76 + $U 53
Duration: 1 Hour + 30 mins (with 2 hour wait)

Details: As the peak summer season had just ended, getting along the coast of Uruguay was a little more complicated as the ‘Summer bus’ that stops at all the popular destinations had stopped running. This meant we needed to catch 2 busses to get to Cabo Polonio instead of getting there direct, and seeing as there we’re only 2 busses a day (and the second meant we would miss our connecting bus) we had to get a move on! The first bus, COT, was very nice inside, with decent wifi and comfortable seats. The scenery was a little barren, but still interesting in places as we made our way to the first stop-off point of Castillos. After a 2 hour wait in the town in Castillos and some quick Empanadas from a local shop, we got another (more basic) Rutas del Sol bus that took us too Puerto del Polonio, a small bus terminal just outside of Cabo Polonio. The town of Cabo Polonio has no roads, so it’s only accessible by dune buggy. After we arrived at the terminal we climbed up the ladder to the top of a massive 4x4 and experienced a breathtaking ride through the bumpy dunes, along the beach and got dropped off right outside our hostel. Although the route was slightly longer than we expected it was still relatively straightforward, and a lot easier than the huge distances we'd been used to in Brazil.