Puerto Varas to Santiago

Company: Turbus
Type: Salon Cama
Price: CH$24,900
Duration: 13 hours

Details: After an amazing stay in Puerto Varas, ending on a delicious fish meal at Casavaldes, we arrived at an empty bus terminal and waited for our 10.30pm night bus to the Chilean capital. The bus was very comfy with fully reclining seats, and as we were at the front (seats 1 & 2) we got even more leg room. Sleeping on night buses is never easy but we managed to doze off for a few hours.

We were woken early (6.20am) which was a bit annoying as we still had 6 hours to go, but were given an apple juice and a very dry biscuit while a few new passengers boarded at the city of Chillan, about 200 miles from Santiago. As we approached the capital, the outskirts were quite run down but once we were on their excellent metro system, Santiago began to shine in a far more impressive light.