Copacabana to Puno

Company: Dorado
Type: Economy
Price: 25BOB each
Duration: 3 hours

Details: After exploring the city centre and Isla del Sol from Copacabana we took the 1.30pm bus from the town centre towards Puno. By this point the altitude had hit us pretty hard so weren't feeling the best during the journey, but took the time to try and rest up while we could. Once we got to the bus we were greeted by a friendly bus driver called Oscar who helped us sort our seats and bags before setting off. Half an hour later? we crossed the border into Peru, The driver Oscar was very helpful again, giving us good tips to change our Bolivianos at the border with a great rate, and invaluable information on getting a bus from Puno to Cusco after our floating islands tour. As we made our way we had great views of Lake Titicaca on our right, and saw flamingos and Cholitas working and harvesting quinoa on the farmland.