Cusco to Arequipa

Company: Cruz del Sur
Type: Cama
Price: 120 Soles each
Duration: 10 hours

Details: Being one of our favourite cities of the trip, we were sad to leave Cusco behind. It had been a great launchpad for Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and a Jungle trip to Puerto Maldonado. We were impressed to find that Cruz del Sur had its own the private terminal which was very clean and well organised. We had the back 2 fully-reclining seats, massive amounts of leg room, blankets and pillows, and our own touch screen TV. We left Cusco at 8pm and checked the films on offer, some of which luckily had English subtitles. We were also impressed that we had the option of a chicken, beef or veggie meal, which turned out to be surprisingly good. Despite the very comfortable set up we still only managed to get a few hours of disjointed 'sleep'. We arrived around 6am in Arequipa and after checking in to our hostel,  were able to head straight to our private room so gave ourselves a few hours proper sleep.