Cusco to Puerto Maldonado (Return)

Company: Movil Tours
Type: Cama
Price: 70 Soles each
Duration: 10 hours

Details: After a fantastic time exploring the sacred valley and Machu Picchi we decided to head into the jungle in hope of catching a glimpse of some of the interesting wildlife in the Amazon basin. After a quick cab ride from our central hostel, we paid the bus station tax and starting boarding the bus. We had beers for the road which the security guard unfortunately confiscated, and proceeded to drink minutes later! We had good seats downstairs at the front giving us a bit more space, and after being given blankets we settled in for the night trying to find that 'comfortable' position to sleep. 9 hours and not much sleep later, we were awoken by a passport officer with a huge machine gun. A slightly unsettling way to be woken up! With the doors open we could feel the humidity outside: we had reached the jungle! We arrived at 7am, and made our way to the town centre to be picked up and driven to our jungle lodge.