Mancora to Guayaquil

Company: CIFA
Type: Cama
Duration: 8 hours
Cost: 80 Soles Each

Details: Following a very chilled 4 days in Mancora, we waited at the bus stop on the main road before boarding and settled into our comfortable Cama seats. As the bus was later in the evening there was no food, and films were shown for half an hour before turning off the lights. We managed 2 hours sleep before being woken up at the Ecuadorian boarder to get our exit/entry papers before heading onwards with our journey. We arrived at Guayaquil bus terminal just after 5am, and decided to get a taxi to the airport to drop our valuables at the lockers before venturing into town. We had heard Guayaquil wasn't the safest city, and didn't want to risk loosing our cameras before the Galápagos trip the following day!