Rio de Janeiro to Ilha grande

Company: Green Toad Bus
Type: Mini Van + Boat Transfer
Price: US$ 35 each plus US$ 6.30 booking fee
Duration: 3 hours + 30 minute boat

Details: As this was our first bus trip (and we’d just finished a rather crazy carnival!) we decided to take the easier yet more expensive option of a mini van door to door. Unfortunately due to the busy season the Easy Transfer was ‘fully booked’ so we had to book through the even more expensive Green Toad. Annoyingly this happened to be the same mini van, just a more expensive booking process! Having said that the journey was very easy, and after arriving at a port not far from Angra dos Reis we got put on a boat directly to the popular holiday town of Abraão in Ilha Grande. The whole thing was pretty seamless, which was needed after a wild and party-filled carnival, although we’d probably organise it ourselves next time.