Uyuni to Potosi

Company: Expreso 11 de Julio
Type: Economy
Price: 25 BOB each
Duration: 4 hours

Details: Having just had a truly epic 3 day jeep tour from San Pedro de Aticama to Uyuni, travelling past stunning lakes, volcanos and of course the Salar de Uyuni salt flats, we boarded a small local bus in the town with a group of people we had met on the jeep tour. The bus was pretty basic, and seats weren't particularly comfortable, but it was very cheap. The journey was relatively comfortable due to the new road that had been built between Uyuni and Sucre, and despite the loud Bolivian music that was playing we managed to get some sleep before arriving at the small bus station in Potosi at 8.30pm. Our group then split and we jumped on a local bus to the centre and chose a decent looking hostel near the main plaza.