Arequipa to Ica (Huacachina)

Company: Cruz del Sur
Type: Cama
Price: 120 Soles each
Duration: 11 hours

Details: Following 3 great days of exploring the Colca Canyon from Arequipa, it was time for another night bus to Ica, home to the desert oasis of Huacachina. Unfortunately there had been a communication error with our hostel host and our tickets hadn't been booked before we left on our three day trek, meaning the full cama seats with Cruz del Sur had sold out. We'd been so impressed with Cruz del Sur that we decided that their semi cama option was most likely still better then other companies, and so booked up seats with a local tour agency. We waited in the Cruz deal Sur lounge after checking in our bags at the desk, and boarded 10 minutes before departure on a pretty much empty top deck. As expected, the seats were great and we still received a hot chicken meal at 10pm and a blanket. After our usual routine of trying to sleep for 6 hours we stopped in Nazca at 7am, and were given a cookie and sandwich for breakfast. The landscape had become really arid and mountainous and as we watched the little towns pass us by we could tell we were headed the right direction for the desert. We arrived in Ica around 9am and jumped in a cab to our final destination. After around 10 minutes the incredible sand dunes came into view, and we looked forward to a few days of sand boarding in Huacachina.