Ica to Lima

Company: Cruz del Sur
Type: Semicama
Price: 40 Soles Each
Duration: 5 hours

Details: After a fun three days sand boarding and chilling by the pool we left Huacachina in the cold early morning mist. The taxi driver dropped us off at the terminal in Ica (we thought he'd ran off with our change, but eventually came back to our relief!) and we waited for half an hour in the terminal before checking in our bags and boarding. We left promptly at 7.30am and settled into comfy, reclining seats. It was only a single decker bus, clearly not meant for long distances but with free wifi on board as well as breakfast, personal TV screens and USB ports, Cruz del Sur continued to make life on the road a little bit more comfortable. It was a short ride (just over 4 hours) which made for a lovely change as we'd had a lot of long bus journeys recently. The buildings and traffic started to get more dense around us, signalling we had arrived in the Peruvian capital of Lima.