Lima to Mancora

Company: Cruz del Sur
Type: Cama
Price: 180 Soles each
Duration: 21 hours

Details: We boarded at mid day from the Cruz del Sur terminal after 2 full days in Lima that had been crammed with a lot of amazing food. The downstairs cama floor was really nice, decent seats and our own personal TV screens. We watched back to back films (many were in English) throughout the afternoon and got given dinner (chicken, rice and salad) at 8pm. We thought we were going to be given lunch, so by the time dinner was served we were pretty hungry. Unfortunately on this particular journey we had forgotten to bring emergency rations! We managed to get a bit of sleep overnight and when we woke, the foggy weather of Lima was fully left behind, and we were greeted with blue skies, beaches and sunny weather. We were give breakfast at 8am, and after arriving at the final stop in town we headed to our hostel, looking forward to the surfing lifestyle of Mancora for the next 4 days.